Friday, December 30, 2005

The Wiggins Factor.

Woke up before the birds had time to brush their teeth and got ready for work crossed the border and the INS agent makes wise cracks that it is too early to go to work. I know. I know. Asshole. Work drags as all jobs do and I have stress filled time with several characters, all demanding pendejos.
Received a call on the celly from William Wiggins that he indeed did want to spend some time together tonight and that made it all worth while. So, after the clock jumped like a clock will when it is time for your shift to end, I hitched a lift with a fellow employee downtown to the Plaza to meet with said Adonis. Arriving a little early I chatted with old tranny friend Abel, he himself cooing over a current romance.
Well, Wiggins arrives with a girl in tow and introduces her as his bitch. How cute. We have minimal chit chat with the creeping fear that William has invited this cooze along for the ride. But no, my little buddy deemed it was boys night out only and told the bitch to kick rocks.
So, me and the boy cash my check and jump the border into J-Town and I stopped to get my cutey some contact lenses, he being blind as a bat. Caused quite a scene and well over an hour trying to get the Poster Boy to get the lenses in his eyes, him being a contact virgin. Frustrated, the obese optometrist kicked us out not before I gave WW a handjob to calm him down behind closed doors. Perhaps el Blobo knew?
Well, we continue these shenanigans back at my trap and an eternity later, after much Three Stooges slapstick manage to get the damn contacts in Williams eyes. We shoot outta the apartment to El Coyote for chicken enchiladas and theys were toothsome with WW hitting on the curvy waitress. He then goes into explicit detail of his sexcapades with his bitch and it heats me pants to no end. Without missing a beat, he confides in me about his bisex romp the last two days in the queer bars of El Paso. Brings a tear to my eye seeing a guy come out like that. Wonder if he wants me to show the lad the ropes? I will instruct you well, my young padawaan. After that scrumptious meal, we hit the video arcade and played some games and then checked out porn at the Internet cafe.
Hit the Red Zone, or what they call it here a pale ghost compared to the whore district of Tijuana. Anyoo hit the bar El Arbolito for some tasty tequila shots to get the night rolling right and we rolled right across the street into Fausto's, one of the titty bars on the strip of Mariscal Ave. There was about two horny Mexicans sitting in there and some hippopotamus undulating on a stage so we strut down and bounce to several other dives and I tell you this hole is a fucking ghost town on a Thursday night. Irma's: Tired, flabby dancers snoring and leaning against the brass poles. Eduardo's: Watered down drinks that taste like bleach but the kid picked up on the strippers and even shoved a 20 peso note up her cooch. Good times.
More yummy-yummy tequila and we hit the Main Drag and it's a dead museum. Where the fuck is everybody? So the youngster begs the shit outta me for a lapdance and I agree he being a virgin in that aspect but being low on funds we both curtail down the dark and feelthy streets of Centro Juarez to my trap for more money. Not, of course before we were curtailed by needy and crafty whores, disease bags of the night. On the way home, he drunkenly begs with me to purchase one of those petri dishes and I flatly refused and what followed pissed me off. WW degenerated into a greedy possessive animal. How sad.
Well, back at the ranch, had to explain what was what and what for and a pax was made and so it was off for more tequila and then the lapdance-apalooza. We found a place called Virginia's off-off the beaten track which are always the best in my humble opinion. Paid the pretty lookin' hooch and she did the Ubangi Stomp on William's crotch which sent him into a sexual adolescent frenzy like no other.
Knowing a good thing when I see one, I whisked the boy, who was in a highly aroused state back to the crib for a night of homosexual hankipanky. Clothes are flung on the ground, we lept into bed under the covers naked and...
Nothing happened. We talked. Well, he talked. And talked. Talked a lot. Mostly about nothing. But some things that were said were of a strange and dramatic nature. Now, I have said "I love you." to many a man in my day and that was just pillow talk, ya dig. But, this time...from deep down I meant it. And it was thrown back. "I love you, too." And I believe that was said with some deep affection. Well, internally, I freaked. Outside, I was ice cold, but inside I was shaken to the core and I don't know why.
During the evening we have been trying new things out, experimenting sexually, I guess and I know that when people get nervous they tend to blab on and on just to hear themselves for comfort. So, I understand that William must've been very anxious on doing several new experiences for the first time in his life: for the first time lying naked in a bed with a man, kissing a man, getting his salad tossed...ooops too much info, kids, anyway...where was I, getting side tracked...oh,yeah the youngster would not be quiet. And when I'm nervous I get very agitated and well, that just made a bad combination.
William is very attractive, however he has a larger than life ego and more times than not a extremely annoying infantile personality. That is why he has bad luck with relationships. It's all surface flash, but under that great beautiful cover it's not so great. It's a squealing demanding uncontrolled selfish brat. Chicks don't dig that,kiddo.
Neither do I to a certain extent. I had all I could have and words were exchanged and around three in the morning the boy trumped out of the house for stateside in a childish tantrum. A ver. Why do I spend energy on him, I wonder sometimes? I am a glutton for punishment and when this stupidity blows over if he still wants to talk I'll be there.
Of coarse I will. That's what friends do, right? I mean, Gentle Reader, I don't have any problem in the dating department, guys like William are a dime a dozen. I can find more stable and financially and mentally secure relationships elsewhere. But for some reason, deep down in that black cold pit that had my heart, something says he is worth it.
Son cosas de la vida, cabrones.


ML said...

no digaaaas!!!
we are victims of our own generosity, we see hopeless cases and lend a hand, arm, foot, ass.. anything really to get everyone trhough the times... ay mi angel, when will we learn... i haven't been able to cut the cord... damn, tekila at juarez sounds good right now... i need time time time!

rich said...

a man in love is never a bad thing. I hope the new year brings you more adventure in love DA.