Friday, July 26, 2013

about friends

It’s human nature to patch up your wounds, isn’t it - but to what point is it necessary? You know you’re bleeding on the surface, it hurts - and sometimes its supposed to. But when you wake up in the middle of the night, by the all too familiar sting - the sticking plaster has fallen off, the patched up wound is now breathing again, a sense of relief starts spreading through your body as you throw the sticking plaster in the dustbin. Because you knew you’d eventually have to rip it off anyway, but you didn’t have to. Without the sticking plaster suffocating your wound, you can finally deal with it - the sticking plaster has served its purpose. And if you never rip it off, you’ll just be walking around with a withering patch on your wound until it falls off - and you know it might harm you if you don’t let it go. And you’re thinking, do it quickly, this isn’t something to put off - but you can’t do it.
We’re all walking around with a bunch of sticking plasters, some you rip off and some fall off - because it’s inevitable. Another falls and with your open wound you stand, realizing it’s healing anyway. But you can’t take it, you try to put it on again, you don’t want it to heal - you want to go back. It’s not reapplying, you’re exposed, you’re alone. But it’s okay, because you’re still healing. And both of you knew, sticking plasters always fall off.
But remember, one morning you might wake up, what used to be a wound is nothing but a scar. And the sun is shining as you walk with your cup of morning coffee - suddenly you stop and notice something in front of you. It may have fallen off, but it never left you. And you’re smiling - because this one, you didn’t throw away.

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