Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Things are Going Pretty well For Us.

Things are going pretty well for us. We’re in this period right now in which we don’t speak to each other, and it seems to be working out. It’s mutual, of course. You see, I just get up in the morning, go to work, go to sleep at night, wake up the next morning, and so on. I assume that he does the same, but I wouldn’t know because we’re not talking. It has been a couple of months or so, but it’s not like I’m keeping track. All those emails, phone calls, Skype conversations - I don’t know about him, but it was all pretty tiring for me. What a relief, I tell myself. Now I can concentrate on my work. It’s not like we don’t still like each other - we do. Of course, we do.
He’s a lot better at this whole not speaking thing than I am. It’s kind of hard for me, actually. A month or so ago, I sent him an email with a recommendation for a movie with one of those smiley face emoticons. I thought I was being pretty breezy, but he didn’t respond. Typical. I didn’t expect him to reply, and I would have just ignored it anyway since that’s what we’re doing now. That’s if he had sent anything to me, which he hadn’t. See, he really is better at this than me.
Like I told you earlier, things really couldn’t be better for us.
You know, I’m hoping to meet up with him one day for coffee or something when I move back to Tijuana. I think we’d have a lot to talk about.


Mind Of Mine said...

I know how that feels, I don't handle not talking to people well. Even when I have good reason. I just want to be right with people.

LMB said...

We are social beings. We crave the adoration from others, virtual or not. These days, it is the virtual which is preferred...