Saturday, January 13, 2007

Don't do Anything I wouldn't Do.

After slopping down a cup of Victory coffee with a John Holmes size banana for breakfast - the raucous din in the cafeteria was too much for me to bear - being the winter season, Father Joe the St. Vincent de Paul High Grande Wizard, El Primo decided to swing open the doors and let the terminal transients crash in the dining hall for the night - fleas and all. So I sat there in translucent flesh gnawing on that banana so nasty with a cackling pedophile to the right of me and some ancient toothless vampire to the left of me sitting in soiled Depends diapers that haven't been changed for a month and for God's sake is stinking like diarrhea. Frazzled filthy dirty insane mother fuckers wall to wall gorging themselves like savage beasts - like I was in some goddamn hobo zoo and they were feeding cereal to these fuckers!
I cut into the cold early morning dawn shivering with my head still splitting open and filling angry and beat - bummed a rollie from some faceless Hero that couldn't spare it and trudged the block up to the Neal Good Day Center. Waited the hour outside before it opened amid rusted shopping carts filled with memories and broken promises and flights of insane dreams of nostalgia - colorless specters hacked in groups with their collars turned up, spitting yellow ectoplasm onto the broken sidewalk - a brown midget hag, hair a rats nest even the rats don't want, screams into the sky for no apperant reason. The smell of urine and feces of a million junkies clogged your nostrils - the sight of that line of homeless angels with broken wings outside the city would give anybody the bum kicks. I hum Brazil to lighten my mood.
Purpose of the visit was to acquire bus tokens for work. I sat there all morning shaking in the bitter wind - the hip blacks smacking dominoes loud and free all day every day - three illegal wetbacks try scamming on some cracked out fat white bitch, she laughs and tries to speak Spanish - crazy, insane cadavers shuffle about bumming smokes, picking through garbage. Thanks to my old hobo friend Bruce and his bag of tobacco he smoothes me out some - must've went through 20 cigarettes and ten cups of Victory coffee sitting there on my rusty dusty.
Rattling church van pulls up and like pigeons, including your Reporter, flocked out and gang fucks the van was handed free and gratis a packaged meal - greedily consumed by all.
Wind up is - no tokens till February. So I split and head round the corner under the glaring stare of some spade pusher. A white dodge pulls up and smooth black character smiles, "Hey, man, c'mere"
"This should be fun." I say - he says wut and I repeat it for his dumbass. I got no fear.
"How much money you got?" He asks - his yellow eyes of Hepatitis move to the backseat where this white skanky ass whore is opening and closing her skinny legs with her pink skirt hiked up fingering her cooch.
"I have nothing, man." I state flatly void of feeling or emotion and walk. Halfway down the street someone is obviously trying to get my attention - I cringe. Now what? I turn and it is some ancient Negress woman clopping in shoes far too big and black tasseled dress. She has no teeth at all. Her mouth an obscene black hole in a whithered junk ravaged face.
"Hey baby doll", she starts, black hole of a mouth lasciviously churning and salivating like a cow with anthrax, "Wanna buy this pack of Newports? I need the cash."
I look at her - Freakshow. They call her Freakshow. I explain that I am broke and I move on.
I wonder into Balboa Park and decide to cruise the trails - not there long when some young Mexican guy walks up rubbing his long and nasty smiling that smile. I look dead in them big brown eyes and say coolly, "I really need to suck some cock."
"Wow - kewl!" He smiles, smell of whiskey on his breathe. We go deep into the woods under a large fanning tree hidden from prying eyes - shorts are dropped and I masturbate his long cut penis - he starts kissing me passionately, "You have sexy lips."
"Ha! I have hardly any lips - just a slit!" I laugh. Nu-uh and he shoves his tongue in my mouth and the kisses were so hot and wet that was the mostest - pulling up my shirt he sucks my nipples and that really got me going so it was down to business, y'all. I pushed him up against the tree trunk, "It's time to go to work."
Deep throated his long cock in wet strokes and he moans going up onto his tip-toes guiding my head with his thin brown hand - yanking it out he squirts thick white cream onto the black dirt. "Damn you give good fucking head, man!" He smiled. I said I know and kissed his cheek. Saying our goodbyes - parted and I returned downtown to Vinnies and that hobo zoo.
As storm clouds gathered and cold winds blew in, I stood on the balcony of that concrete shelter shivering in my coat - smoking a bummed cigarette - wondering what the hell am I going to do next...with my life that is. I feel so pointless - so fucking depressed...
I put the cigarette out and just went to bed.

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