Wednesday, October 12, 2005

High School Confidential.

This morning, I walked downstairs to fix me a cuppa Joe, when all alone in the living room was Skippy's younger brother and teenage heartthrob, Jason, curled up on the couch. He was covered by a thin pink blanket and the freakin' teenybopper had a damn hard on. After I made my coffee, I stood there in the kitchen's door way, slurping at my java, scrutinizing his lithe form; me vibrating with torn lust. I scraped a chair noisily across the floor and woke him up. He rolled onto his side and stretched and good mornings were exchanged. I sat across from him in the chair about a foot away, legs crossed and gulping coffee. Jason rolled onto his back and that erection, that beautiful stiff cock jutted northward.
"Woah!," I said jokingly, putting my hand up to it. "You're gonna put my eye out."
He started laughing in embarrassment, "Watta ya starin at my dick for?" Covering it with his two hands. "Sorry, man, you know, mornin wood."
He rolled back onto his side and yawned. We talked a bit of his lacrosse game next week until Mother and Sister came downstairs and told Jason to hurry up and get ready for school. There was about thirty minutes of family chaos and then the three went out of the house to school and/or work.
Was left alone in the House of Skippy and bored outta my mind. So, I woulda done what ever any weird homo woulda done and snuck into Jason's room. I found his porn (A well used Hustler.) and his Yugi-O cards and then I found a notebook. Not just any notebook, but his private journal. Yeah, I read it. It was mostly High School crap...bitching about school, homework, wondering if he is ever gonna pass English Lit, his rivalry with some guy named Roger and his lacrosse matches. And "I love you, Stacey!" Written all over the place. Then an innerestin passage, dated just last week, Tuesday to be exact and he told Momma that he went to the movies with his schoolmate Rodney. Here it is word verbatim exactis pronto from the mouth of a 16 year old jock:
Tuesday October 4, 2005
God, I love you so much, Stacey! You are the most beautiful girl i ever seen you have the perfect smile and body i asked her out and she said yes! we had a dinner at micky dees and a movie and she invited me inside to her house. At first we both were nervous our hearts were racing and i was sweating like a pig she had on nothing but a skirt and a tank top while i had on my casual jeans and punk rock t-shirt.
We both sat there until she asked me to make love to her Right then i wanted to scream and run because she looked like an angel of beauty begging me to take her virginity she then inch next to me and started kissing me on the neck then she started to sucking on my neck to the point i moan with pleasure
Something inside of me wanted to say we cant do this the other part wanted me to fuck the shit out of her right then and there i took my second choice and i pushed her down on the couch and started to kiss her softly on the lips then i slowly took my hand and put it up her skirt she then made a soft sigh She started to grab my hair and taking off my shirt I then started to take off her shirt then i kissed and suck her up and down She started moaning and saying fuck me baby
My pulse was racing she was telling me to bite her and fuck her hard I picked her up and she drew her legs around me she then started to whisper take me baby just take me I sworn i could have fell right then and there so i layed her down on the couch and grabbed her hair and bite her neck and started to kiss her forcefully she then started to sway her head back so that i can get a better coverage of her neck I grabbed her and whisper that shes a naughty girl and she started to make these sounds and then started to kiss me on my chest I slowly unclapsed her bra and took one of her firm breast in my hand I heard nothing but a sigh from her lips.
She slowly kissed me and started nibbling on her lip I then took one of her breast in my mouth it felt like the greatest feeling in the world she then slowly buckled under me she then unclipped my buckle and pushed my jeans down she slowly pushed my spongebob boxers down and took hold of my manhood i slowly buckled and whisper to her that she was going to get it
We slowly kissed and then i stared into those brown eyes and i knew right then and there i was in love I took off her skirt and slowly eased down her painties and whisper in her ears that it wont hurt She looked at me as if i was her knight in shiny armor I slowly eased into her to only hear a cry escaped from her juicy lips she then begged me to go faster and so i did I slowly eased into her and then i withdrew (The handwriting is becoming more scribbled and chaotic.*D.A.) and then started a rhythm that we both can move too I move faster and faster and as i kept pounding into her she was screaming out oh jason oh baby fuck me fuck me I kept going faster and faster and faster and i knew i was closed to bust a nut i felt the come tingling in my nuts and she was so wet She was biting and moaning for me to go faster and so i did My muscles tightened and i screamed out with frustration until we both reached our climax She then started to kiss me softly on the lips and she whispered the words that i thought she would never say I LOVE YOU and i froze because i didnt know what to say so i eased out of her and we layed there in a tight embrace i love her so much i can hold her forever.
Jumpin' jigglin' Jesus! I have never been so turned on by reading something. Jason is so freakin hot and having him spill his soul out like this is just too much. For almost over a month I have been deprived of sex and reading this has made me dangerously horny. And, I'm outta cigarettes....


rich said...

Good grief! The kid is only 16!?! I thought he was in college. Damn!

You gotta look elsewhere then.

I'm in the library and I can't stand up to go take a piss because I've pitched up a tent from reading this.

Hermes said...

I sworn my manhood almost spit up.

Jose said...

Make that 3 now...

Chox said...

My peepee threw up in my underwear.

Chris said...

i want pictures!