Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Greetings Citizens!

Is this thing on? Hello? Someone wanna check my ratings? I seem to have an audience of two...
I'm Luis Blasini. Welcome to Borrowed Flesh. And you are right, that is a William S. Burroughs reference. As is the title of this blog. I am a real fan of the writing style of the beat movement. Aren't you?
Well. Yes. Let's move on.
This is my first ever attempt at "blogging". It will, I suppose, reflect my wacky and strangely fabulous yet true life here South of the Border. Wild tales of sex, love, parties, drug addiction, and homosexual drama. Since I am basically writing for myself, these events that transpire will be true and written as a sort of blood letting. So hang on to your lederhosen 'cause here we go!