Tuesday, May 28, 2013

No Where Near the End.

I can’t bear this deafening silence anymore. Its calmness seeps through my pores, it’s hurting me. Like the thorns of a wild rose, so sharp and precise, it can cut through skin with ease. The sound of silence, boggles my mind with thoughts of the past, it’s unfathomable. The wind, the wind that blows everything in sight, it makes movements I can’t comprehend. It’s weird and creepy, it compliments the solitude that is present everywhere. The thunderclaps, that sound of raging heavens, like a gunshot, not too far away, it’s frightening. It is really scary in here, I want to break free, if only I’m actually imprisoned.
But, after all the harshness, why am I feeling contentment deep within this secluded fortress? Why is it that somehow, this solitary confinement soothes my mind? Is this my body adapting? Well, probably because sometimes, being left alone makes you realize things. And yes, maybe in that momentary solitude, you may begin to love that idea of you being unaccompanied. Till, reality hits you with a large palm straight to your cerebral cortex; It’s sad to be alone, you may deny that fact, you may act like I can handle this, I’m strong enough, but there’s this one thing human beings can’t do and will never do because they just can’t — to walk this Earth with all their moments awake, alone.

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Mind Of Mine said...

I can't agree with this. I don't know if I have managed to put up a steel wall, putting to much into my friendships, to compensate.

I don't know and thats okay with me.