Friday, July 19, 2013

And So.

And so, in association with certain junky friends here in Tucson, I have been 86'd from Tucson - branded a filthy, junky, pervert by the downtown social class.
I understand the life I chose to live is somewhat on the eccentric side, I am labelled a pariah. Even by my peers. Once I was herald as a freethinker, an adventurer, a sexual outlaw. Now, I am hated, despised, spat upon.
In this New Millennium based on paranoia, judgment, hatred, skepticism, and solidarity, I am more than a dying breed. My kind are now considered extinct. Perhaps the only option is to fade into obscurity.
But I will stay diligent. I will not change. As a fact - fuck you. Fuck all of you. I am sick and fucking tired living by your approval, by your boring ass, social accepting standards. I will step out of this quivering, frightened flesh in which I had placed myself and live by my standards, my rules mired in what you call filth and sexual perversion. I'll revel in it, bath in it, suck the marrow from it.
It's definitely time to lay tracks for other parts of the world...

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