Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Finally Published!

At long last, my tribute to the homeless homosexuals of this land has finally come to print!
Back cover blurb: The captivating story of a homeless gay man and his desperate struggle to survive on a road trip from El Paso, Texas to San Diego, California as he comes to grips with his own personal convictions and the unending despair and empty hopes of the interesting characters he meets along his journey. The author Luis Blasini spins the story in a hard edge style. A provocative and emotional novel filled with street slang and gripping drama centered on the outcasts of today's society.
Be kind and pick up a copy by either clicking it's link on the side bar or purchasing from amazon.com. It is also available on kindle. Please write a review, I'd like your feed back, Dear Reader.


Mind Of Mine said...


I am raged with jealousy!

LMB said...

Thank you, Mind Of Mind! Be the envy of all your friends and own a copy!