Sunday, July 07, 2013

Time/Space locations.

In this country of apathetic hatred and force fed disillusion, you either give up and settle with what fate flings at you or you brave the madness and search for your time/space location. After two months here, I can safely surmise that Tucson is not my time/space location. Honestly, I do not think anywhere in this country will suit me. I believe it is time for me to depart this desert and head west, to go underground for a while.
I have met nothing but the most ignorant, arrogant people here. All addicted to a plethora of narcotics. Is that a generalization of America? To be the biggest, loudest asshole around and to revel in that fact as a badge of honor? I never experienced this outside the States. If so, if that is what this country has become, you can have it.
I long for the days living in a quiet Mexican barrio where the neighbors minded their own business, where strangers treated you like a friend, where prices for the basic of needs are not gouged in the vain effort to impress your associates simply because "you have the money to buy it so I am better than you". A place where morality does not interfere with one's personal freedom. A place where, indeed corruption ran rampant, yet it was open and had a purpose and a means not in the way of attaining power for power's sake. I miss Mexico and I think I will return. Why? Haha! Because I can....

More importantly, because I choose to.

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