Saturday, November 16, 2013

Wrong Way, Stupid.

Through no ones fault but my own, online I had drunkenly purchased a non-refundable ticket to El Paso a week or so ago. But, I don't want to return to El Paso. My plan, such as it were, was to travel to Yuma, spending a month or so in the Mexican town of San Luis. Then onward to Calexico and eventually to Tijuana.
This afternoon, after not locating any icon for return/exchange tickets on the website, I walked over to the Greyhound station and was informed, after handing them the scribbled itinerary number, that I had purchased a fifty dollar ticket in the wrong direction.
"Is there no way that I can pay whatever fees and change the destination?" I asked. "The fare to Yuma is more and I do not mind paying the difference."
A resounding no from the stern, underpaid teenager at the kiosk.
I walked out into the midday, desert sun in a frump. I really had my sights set on this trip. I mean, I could forgo the ticket and simply purchase another for Yuma. Returning to El Paso or even Juarez leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

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