Monday, March 20, 2006

Forbidden Fruit.

All said and done, I do have a set of rules and moral conduct. One of the main commandments I try to abide by is to never get involved with a co-worker. Too many complications at the old office if anything goes awry. How ever, sometimes raging hormones can over ride even the most basic aspects.

Toby Bustamante. Valet. Twenty-three. Tall and athletic. Light skinned and very, very handsome. Shaved headed, tattooed ex-street gangster type cholo just released from state trying to make amends from a shattered and torn past. Flirt to the core with the female of the species. And as I have soon found out a sucker for blonds with blue matter what the sex.

He was hired only a week ago and already he has become quite popular with the work crew, you know the type...quick tongue with the girls, talks of sports and cars and pussy with the guys. Brags about how many beers he´s downed at the club and the fist fights that he gets into with the rival gangs...

Well, I took him home and had sex with him after work this afternoon. I mean, he asked. After a bit of flirting and sexual innuendo on the congress of both parts. Not only that, but he took up my invitation to move in with me for the next couple of months before he enlists into the Army. Sigh.

The time spent was so great...we sat and drank beers listening to the Mexican top 40 and then hopped into bed and did the horizontal mambo twice round to a straight porno and it Not weird. No attitude. No inhibitions. Just pure simple boyish playful fun. And he kisses really really great.

Afterwards, as he took a shower and I blaster the soundtrack to Party Monster, I sat on the couch, asshole throbbing, wondering if I am doing the right thing. I mean, at work we have to keep this thing under wraps. Walked him to the border, and said I will see him tomorrow at work. He casually says sure and returns to El Paso.

I stood watching him cross the bridge and my heart fluttered.

Crap. Life is wild at heart and weird on top. Well, here I go again...


Hermes said...

I've learned to never shit where I eat.

Hermes said...
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Luis Blasini said...

Yeah...tru dat. Ever since my first experience when I was a young tike of 16 and working at at Burger King in LA (No fucking snickering, we've all been THERE!) I was in a torrid romance with my assistant manager that ended with tragedy. Of coarse the horror of seeing that person that broke your heart day after day afterwards at work was torment was when I vowed never to do THAT again...okay, I fucked up and fell a couple of jobs after that, but I am only human. Wouldn't you.

Any way. This Toby is HOT. And he's leaving for the Army in two months.