Thursday, September 26, 2013

Space Opera Blues.

Been scraping through countless nights of insomnia attempting to pen this new novel. It's not about rentboys or drugs or homeless or life's petty shit. It is completely different for me. A rollicking science fiction piece set in the 33rd century, kind of a hash of Buck Rogers and chinese chop-sockey movies called Colt Corrigan and his Adventures Across the Galactic Lens. It is a secret passion of mine. I've always fancied the rollicking daring do of the old Flash Gordon serials and John Carter of Mars books. I hope it comes out okay. It definitely will be a lavishly detailed work. Normally, my plot for a novel runs a page and a half, if that. This one is eight pages of twist and turns, cliff hangers, and political intrigue.
The most difficult part is coming up with interesting names and stuff. I have been reading on the Mayan Empire and Vietnam conflict for ideas of back history for the galactic culture and boning up on Japanese and Victorian cultures for the three planet settings....I hope it doesn't suck.

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