Thursday, September 19, 2013

We Can Be Heroes Just for One Day

"Why? Why did you do it?!"
"Do what, quit?"
"How could you!?!"
"How? How do you think? I sat down instead of standing up, that’s how. That’s the definition, kid."
"But what? You needed me? For what reason? The crisis was averted. The world’s still spinning. Your problem is that I wasn’t the one who kept it on its axis this time."
"But you’re…"
"Lemme guess, I’m your hero. I’ve been a lot of people’s hero kid."
"Then how could you…?"
"Because I’m human! Because it’s not my job to be your hero. It’s not anybody’s job. There are a lot of things we don’t get in this world, kid. And one of them is a person who’s perfect to look up to. I’m not most kids’ first hero. They start with folks like Smoke and Blaze, the edgy ones. Then the first footage they see of those idiots beating up people who have long since been knocked out shatters that. So they move on to Prism, or Paradox, or any of a hundred others. Then they’re let down again, and eventually almost all of them make it to me. So far, that’s worked out well for everyone. But clearly, your luck’s not quite so grand. But as your hero, the least I can do is save you from yourself. If you keep going this way, you’re gonna be one of those people. The ones who cycle through heroes, constantly finding new people to look up to. That’s a bullshit way to go through life. And the end result of that is you sitting somewhere, unhappy with your crap life, looking up to someone for inspiration that you’ll never act upon anyway. Let me tell you something  Let’s say you save the world five times. Then on the sixth time, you don’t do anything. If no one steps up to take your place, then you’ve failed. My goal is to try and be more than human. And that challenge is unwinnable. But there is a victory in inspiring someone else to give it a try. I’m old now. I’m tired. And my world’s not quite so big anymore. The faceless masses have been replaced by the faces and voices of the people I love. I’m done kid. It’s your turn to save the world.”

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