Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Calexico City Blues

Calexico is a tiny city on the border of it's much larger neighbor Mexicali. The city definitely has it's small town charm with arched buildings and frescoes of Spanish design. The locals are friendly and don't mind casual chatter with a stranger. Downtown is a grid system of dollar stores and quaint clothing shops.
I awoke from my usual disturbed sleep, dressed and searched out a small cafe that served good coffee and Mexican breakfast. To much my dismay, this does not exist in centro - or at least the several blocks which I covered. I did not want to eat at any of the fast food joints that lined the main entrance to Mexico. I inquired about a good eatery from some elderly men stooping on a corner under one of the many archways that support the main mall. They directed me to a place nearby and off I went. It was a small dingy place with several ratty denizens squatting in shabby booths. Mainly the cafe sold just donuts, but I was surprised that they also had menudo, which I ordered. I was also pleased that several of the rugged rancheros where silently sipping on bottled beer at nine in the morning. It was like a dream unhampered by the political correctness that mired the rest of this country.
After enjoying my menudo it was off to do what had to be done. I found The Lady of Guadalupe Shelter for Men, but was told that they had no beds so return tomorrow. And, so I will. I am at a loss. I realize that I had chosen to relocate here and relocate here I will. But it seems I will have to go underground again and off the internet radar to do so. Bare with me, Reader. I'm doing my fucking best, okay?
I located a small park near the hotel and sat and smoked and thinked. It will all work out. It always does. Sitting at the metal picnic table in the park regarding the tranquility and wafting aroma of manure from the surrounding farmlands, I noticed the public mensroom was extra cruisy - several men darted in and out it's darkened maw with that look of guilt so common to public sex addicts of this land. Except one. He approached and asked for a cigarette. After inquiring what I was doing and learning of my recent arrival, he invited me to his apartment to eat dinner with himself and his wife.
Sure. Why not? Wouldn't you?

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