Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pre-Test Jitters

I am preparing to take my first exam today for the TEFL certificate. The first part is that I have to draft up a lesson plan for an English class. It is not as easy as it sounds. Their guidelines are very strict. I went online and studied other TEFL teachers lesson plans, read the ebooks from the school, I have a general idea. I want to do more than cut and paste, I endeavor to actually grasp the concept.
My colleagues in Asia who are already teaching have reassured me that the certificate isn't actually necessary, but it would help on landing a better paying job. And, that's what it is all about, right? Money. Acquiring my ultimate goal of opening a B&B on some exotic beach in the years to come.
My only road block it seems is my mental deficiency of staying on one subject. I plan to rent this god awful room in Mexicali for $70 a month and save enough to relocate to Cambodia, but already plans are looking elsewhere. Why can't I choose? Why can't I stay on one path once I've decided on something? Am I that fucked up in the head? The various doctors I have seen over the years have diagnosed me as been bat-shit insane. Maybe I should take heed. But, I have always rallied under the flag that the best minds, the geniuses of our species have always been equally touched in the head. Perhaps I should just ignore these doubts - which I see as completely normal - and simply go with my gut instincts. It hasn't failed me yet...
Oh, about the apartment and 'Skipper', last Sunday we went to Mexicali and checked it out. It was everything I had expected in a Mexican slum for a $70 rent. Small, unfurnished room, bathroom down the hall used by all the tenants - pretty shitty. However, it is temporary and that is the key. Some place where I can write my next book and rest my head in peace. But, I have to furnish it...I really should attempt to find a furnished room. Ho hum...

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