Friday, January 01, 2010

Ready. Set. GO!

Woke up New Years Day. Pretty much like this. Bathroom was down the hall, so we were puking into a pink plastic waste paper basket. And, instead of a woman - it was some damn obnoxious thirty five year old Mexican drunk I had met stumbling somewhere between the Sante Fe Bar and the Greyhound Station. He was taking a piss and said or slurred that he had a room at the Hotel Merlott. Twenty dollar rat trap around the corner that you reached by way of steel stairs in an alley. Sloppy drunken tussle in bed, afterwards shared smoke under smelly sheets by the flickering hotel marquee light - brought in 2010 downing a gallon of fucking Port with this joker until we both passed out with the howl of steam engine trains rumbling by and frozen hobos screaming in the alley below us.
Happy New Year...

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