Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Spankin' Brand New Novel

My new novel titled Dark is the Night is now ready and published. It can be purchased at, Barnes &, and other fine online booksellers. Buy a copy today!
Dark is the Night is an anthology concerning four, unrelated people - four of societies outcast and down trodden that is full of bite, color and confidence and yet, at the same time is rooted in heartbreaking experience and crackling with humor, insolence and diatribes.

Dark is the Night is a disturbing picture of low life existence. Partly written in the language and mores of its times - yet, the author Luis Blasini transcends that. There is little in the way of hope or love in the book and definitely is raw - shocking - even to those of us who thought nothing in modern fiction could shock us. Dark is the Night is one brilliantly sustained song of the brutal, the outcast, the desperate, and at times - the cruel that exists inside all of us.

Dark is the Night definitely is a book that will be remembered in the literary history of America


Mind Of Mine said...

Wow! You have a book out! I am so



LMB said...

Yes! Thank you for the kind words! It is my fifth publication and I have already began drafting on a sixth. If you scroll down along the side bar you can check them out and perhaps purchase one or two!

That's kind of why I haven't been blogging. This last book was two years in the making and I focused all my writing time on it. I am happy with the result!

Again, thanks!

Joel Wang said...

Congratulations! I will pick up a copy at some local indy bookstore.