Tuesday, January 03, 2012

We are all writers.

What makes a writer - who knows? We all write differently, we all change our habits in between the masses. I write while listening to Angelo Badelemente. You might write while listening to Katy Perry for all I know. You might think your writing is brilliant. You might think you can’t write at all. But I say it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter how we write or what we write. It doesn’t even matter if it’s any good or not. Whatever works for someone makes them a writer - if only in their own hearts. Not everyone writes to get published. Don’t be elite about that. Respect a poem even if it’s not the next Eliot. Respect a novel even if it’s not the next McCarthy. People write because they write.

You can re-read your work fifty times. You can get an A* in English lit. You can use thesaurus.com for every paragraph. You can learn from other writers. You can study night and day.

But if you can’t feel, and I mean really feel every emotion to its fullest then you will never truly be a writer. There are some that go through life feeling the bare minimum, and then there are those that feel everything so deeply, so intensely, so passionately that their minds can’t keep up. But it doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter if your spelling or grammar is flawed, if your paragraphs are not perfectly indented, if your vocabulary is weak or if your words go off on a tangent - because if you have heart and soul, if you cannot just appreciate the beauty and brilliance of language but live it, breathe it, love it with everything that you are, if when you wake up all you can think about is describing every minute of every day, every feeling, every ache and every breath - then you are a writer.

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