Friday, June 08, 2012


I shot it onto his thighs and gave him the cash. He pulled his jeans up and left me in the men’s room to wash up. Hair wet and slicked back, I walked out feeling a little better. He finished up his cigarette and we left the bar to wander the streets. Tacos sounded good. Mexican hot dogs sounded better, so we used technology to find our way there. Some wandering later, the wooden doors swung open and we ate. Cum came up in the conversation and how a fag must absolutely love it and it on him or else there’s really no point in continuing any relationship. I agreed with him and mixed my crimson hot sauce with the puke green guacamole. A group of black fags all stared at him and for the first time in my life I felt the envy of men with bigger penises than I. But I don’t fuck Saul - I cuddle with Saul. I wander with Saul. And when a fucking piece of shit walked up to him and asked him for prices, I put my fist in his jaw. My hands pushed his throat against the wall and I fed him a neon light, cutting his face and putting electricity in his veins. When the lights went out he put his hand on my shoulder and whispered, “You gotta stop doing that.”
“You’re better than that.”
He took me outside and we caught some fresh air, smoked a joint to mix. “Look,” he said. “Let’s get your fortune read.” And he pointed across the street at a little shanty boasting three questions answered for ten pesos.
“I don’t have three questions.”
“Just ask about love, money, and death.”
“Love, money, and death. Alright.”
We finished the joint and went in, black-clad in leather and looking all sorts of smoke. A woman came out from a set of curtains and asked who had the questions and I began to say something along the lines of ‘some fucking psychic’ but Saul threw me a look telling me to behave. I bit my tongue and smiled that I was the one. She sat me at her table and put Saul to the side. A couple of orbs sat on both sides of her and it smelled like cat shit in the cramped room. The tarot cards were shuffled and spread and she asked me for my first question.
“What’s the name of my life partner?”
She told me to pick a card and I go for the one I was eyeing. She flipped it over and it was the card of The Devil. The room stammered and the woman sunk her shoulders a little, hesitant. Her eyes looked up at me, looked around me. “There’s darkness in you.” I chuckled. “They are around you,” she said, softer.
“What are?”
“Dragging spirits. You’re imbalanced and they’re waiting for you to fall.”
“I’m possessed?”
“They are not in you, they are only around you. But if you invite them in - if you conjure or open yourself - they will answer you.”
Part of me liked The Devil being so close to me and part of me wanted to pull my cock out and fuck Saul on the spot. Fuck him on her table and have her tell me when I’m going to come and where I’m going to put it. But, The Devil card was there and I had two more questions.
I looked at her again and she started choking. She stood up and gagged, tears welling up. Cum came to the brim of her mouth and began dripping out. The cum turned to blood, and blood to spiders and when the spiders were through there was fire. She burned down and from her scorched corpse rose The Devil, all red and smoking.
He took a seat across from me.
Saul took out a cigarette and He tossed him a flame. He winked a smirk.
“How was the drinks?” He asked.
“Not bad.”
“I saw you killed a man.”
“I did.”
“And enjoyed the company of a prostitute just before that.”
“He ain’t a prostitute.”
“I’m not talking about Saul.”
I shrugged sorta, asked Him what He wanted.
“You’re dead, pal, and I’m here to collect.”
I looked at Saul and he blew some smoke out, crossed his legs, and told me not to look so surprised.
“Look at him! He doesn’t even know!” The Devil leaned forward. “Buddy, you electrocute a guy you’re holding onto and you’re gonna get shocked just as much. But, that fuck went one way and you, my friend, went south.”
The Devil opened a walkway to Hell and I saw glowing in the cracks in the floor.
Saul slinked up slowly behind me and put his lips near my ear, “Come up and see me again. There’s only Hell and forty minutes between us.”
When the door chimed on Saul's way out The Devil stood up and a fire and black smoke consumed me.

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