Saturday, March 16, 2013

Holding Hands

HIM: I don't really like holding hands.
ME: Holding hands may seem like an innocent gesture, but they show more than a simple interlocking of fingers. Your hands are one of the most essential parts of your body: you build with them, feed with them, hold with them, touch with them, fight with them; they are the tools of the human body. To take a hold of another’s hand is to break from living individually. It is to link yourself to another being, to momentarily entwine your life with another’s, to promise, for a moment, that you need not face the world alone. More simple, more aesthetically naive than other forms of affection, i.e kissing, hugging, sexing.., the act of holding hands is often trivialized in its true implications.
HIM: Here...use this to wipe up all that shit you just said.


Mind Of Mine said...

He speaks the truth!

I am not a big hand holder, I believe to many people read to much into the reasons for and against.

If I don't want to hold your hand, it doesn't mean I am not feeling your vibe, I just might want my hands for mundane activities, like scratching my balls.

If I do want to hold your hand, it doesn't mean I dig you, I just want to hold a hand.

It's really rather simple.

LMB said...

With me, holding hands always leads to more lubricious acts...