Sunday, March 23, 2014

Feathers, Fur, and Fluff.

Through the kindness of a fellow artist/writer name Marvin, I am flopping on his couch while I await for my pay the 3rd of April. I bruised his ear with my tales of woe and he was kind enough to put up with me. During this brief transition and redirection, I have been accumulating all my notes and will begin on my new novel once I have settled into my own place.
Marvin has been quite hospitable. He has three dogs whom I have come to adore and the feeling is mutual. Marvin has extended kindness and politeness in realizing the fact that I am destitute for the next week. I, in return, have been mired in depression and self doubt. I try so hard to shake it, but I can't and with the end to this horrible year within sight. I really hope this does not cause a rift in our brief friendship. I have so few left. Anyone worth talking with anyways. I am walking on egg shells doing my best to stay out of his way and not to spend his already limited funds. I feel so worthless and empty. The desire just to lay down and stop breathing is so very strong now. But...I have a book to finish and I sincerely do not want to thank my host by becoming a rotting corpse in his drawing room...

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