Sunday, October 05, 2014

phantoms of yesterday past

The night was dark and I prepped myself the best I could to hit the bars when suddenly my vecina was screaming at my door. Scared the shit outta me. I originally thought that it was the landlord to collect rent. He usually arrives early in the morning and I had to admit, I was slightly miffed waiting all day for him.
Except, standing in the gloom of my landing was a six-foot one young man with rippling muscles bulging out of tight fitting black clothes. Paranoia shot up my spine as I was certain he was a federale here to collect the $500 that the Peter Lorre looking asshole of a lawyer attempted to squeeze out of me last week.
With a devilish grin he announced, "Hey! It's me! Marlon!"
The last time I saw this character was six years ago when I last left Juarez, before my trip east to the Florida Keys. Back then he was a scrawny lad and the only claim to fame he possessed was a humongous eleven-inch uncut penis. What a horrible existence that the only thing you are known for was your horse cock.
I invited the now well-toned lad in, offering him beer. "I don't drink anymore."
"Okay." I said popping a bottle open for myself.
We delve into delightful patter of the previous years past and what we were up to. I spun my yarn of travels, insanity, and the fruit of being a published author. He stated he lives in the City of Chihuahua 400 miles south with his wife and newborn son.
Since it was Saturday night, he offered to take a stroll through downtown Juarez. Marlon mentioned he was visiting for a few days in lieu of financial reasons dealing with his father across the border in El Paso.
The square in front of the cathedral was a neon kaleidoscope as junkies, mayates, jotos, and lovers strolled the dry air under a baneful moon. Ranchero music drifted from cantinas pregnant with revelers as Marlon and I casually strolled prattling on about casual nothings. I did not mention the fact to him, but all the while I was enraptured with him. He was handsome back when and doubly-so now.
We visited a few bars. I downed beer while he sipped tomato juice. He may not drink, but he wasn't shy about smoking up all my cigarettes. Luckily, Marlon isn't a 'disco' enthusiast. We briefly visited La Cavas (originally back in the day, it was a quiet little joint with sofas, a jukebox where you could lounge drinking beer and it's actually where we first met) but a few minutes after wading through the throng of queens, I muttered, "God, it's attack of the clones..." Marlon and I dashed across the broken street to a little dive where we sat on a pool table in the back, drank, and chatted some more.
He invited me to come stay with him at his house in Chihuahua. It seemed that he had finally come to accept his bisexuality as a fact of his character without the macho culture getting in the way. I said I'd think about it. He did cause me many nights of anxious moments back in the day. I was head over heels about him, but he was dating a girl from his college named Zelma at the time. Unfortunately, with him and I, it was purely a one-sided sexual thing at the time. I simply wanted more and he did not. Now he offers me to live with him and his wife? I think not.
However, the evening ended pleasantly enough at the door of my apartment. He stated that he was returning to Chihuahua the following morning and the invitation still stands. As I watched him disappear down the shadowy street, I told myself perhaps I will take a trip to visit soon...

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