Wednesday, June 06, 2018

running from the shadows in these golden years

And now begins the long wait. Hurdling through the myriad of Kafkian hoops concerning paperwork and certified documents to reside at the shelter, I finally had solidified the deal. Good news is, their rapid rehousing program opens in July. What is that, you ask? For the sullied and impoverished, it is a program where you locate a modest apartment and the Primavera Organization ponies up the first three months’ rent. This fits my plan just fine. I will utilize it to take care of some old business and attain whatever papers and financing I require to fling my desperate ass overseas.
So, as I mentioned previously, it will be an arduously long wait. The tramps of Flagstaff had spoiled me. Relatively clean and projecting a sociable demeanor despite their financial woes, in contrast the ilk of Tucson are generally mean, angry, selfish, overtly arrogant and all seem to possess the hygienic habits of recently rolling out of a dumpster. That applies to many homeless across this fair land, I assume, but the hobos of Tucson seem to take it to the extreme.
While I am here, keeping my eye out for two people: Kyle Powers and Caleb Kruse. A couple of free thinkers who, though they would happily drag their lithe and supple frames over coals for some good old fashioned pussy, on the down low, they hold no qualms of dispensing dick at a moment’s notice to a weary and desperate faggot. I had the pleasure of sampling their forbidden fruit during previous visits to the Sun City. Kyle, a rather short in height, blond hustler, though a little on the rough side, was gifted with a powerful nine inch circumcised penis and hispanic Caleb’s claim to fame, though thin and awkward, was the boy could maintain an full erection for hours while dispensing up to five or six ejaculations in one session… one time I wished to live here, nonetheless currently I see it for what it is. In my humble opinion, it entertains merit in some aspects, mostly it is a dusty desert town. I had forgotten how burned out and "crispy" everyone looks here. Like leftovers from an atomic catastrophe...I’m not judging, though.

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