Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hobo Be-bop

So it seems fate smiled on me and I had acquired a bed at St. Vincent de Paul's via some old chink working with The Salvation Army. Being processed was a blur - I was in a fugue state from exhaustion. Rounded up into hobo central and packed in among three hundred sour feet, unwashed linens, and rancid reek of feces. The stench was unbearable - but I guess in time you can get used to anything.

Wasn't issued a bunk yet - so had to sleep on a cot in the main television room with one young hipster named Wesley fresh outta the clink. Finally I got some down time and slept long and hard. Woken up at 4am by the hired goons to be told I have a bunk, #23B. Couldn't it wait until morning ferthecrissakes? Gotta get my beauty sleep! Lights switch on at 5:30am and the joint is alive with the bleary eyed zombies racing around getting ready for the day. Young Wes woke with quite the impressive morning wood and wasn't too shy about it. Showered, washed up and clank down four flights of metal stairs into coughs of tuberculosis and morning gloom - air thick with cigarette smoke, the ritual transient standing around in groups with stiff collars turned up hacking in the cold morning dawn. Breakfast a tasteless mess, swig it down with a cup of scolding Victory coffee.

Gorilla faced guards shoo everyone offa property at 7am - so I trudge the two blocks over to the Neal Good Center and hob-nob with my fellow hob-nobbers. Crazy wild eyed crack phantoms prowl the sidewalks looking for their next fix - the stench of stale piss and farts is overpowering, the gutter of the world. A dozen shopping carts overloaded with the lives of fallen angels line the yard as old pete men sit basking in the sun chain sucking on stale rollies - whithered fingers yellow from the tobacco.

Met a couple of old friends from the last time around. Made the transition smoother - one was a black cat named RJ, a notorious faggito by the act of congress, used to stomp around Tijuana together. And then Raul - one crazy ass bitch on wheels, no one can get sluttier than that minx. Again, Raul was another pal from the Tijuana days.

Spent my last five bucks and saw Mel Gibson's Apocalypto. Mel Gibson obviously has some major demons but maybe that is what makes him such a masterful storyteller. Apocalypto is his latest and in my opinion his greatest film, this film plays out like the bastard freak brother of The Fugitive, it is wildly entertaining and violently sick, it also is an allegory of todays society. The images in this film are breathtaking, shot with the genesis digital cameras this is the best looking digital film out to date, the cinematography is superb, the costumes, make up and art direction are top notch. The acting is a real surprise since Gibson casted actors with no experience at all, yet they are convincing. What Mel Gibson has directed here is like an ultra violent yet very entertaining action/adventure chase film, the best one in years, this is a must see, and for people worrying about subtitles, do not worry, they are simple and brisk. I give this film my highest mark, its one of the best films of 2006 - and after leaving the theater, I had no urge to get drunk harass Jews or call female cops 'Sugartits'.

The last couple of days have been just settling into my environs - walking around town with Raul wasting time. One funny note from yesterday: Raul and I were cruising around centro San Diego on our way to Border's Books when we noticed the back door to the Edward's Movie Theater was ajar. I suggested let's sneak in - in which we did. Climbing up several flights of stairs we entered the top floor of the multiplex only to find it not open yet. So, after using the restroom, Raul and I took the elevator to the lobby where when the doors opened two ushers where standing there, before they could say anything I blurted, "Y'know, your back door is open!" And we started walking towards the entrance to the movie theater - where the manager was standing looking quite perplexed. "Your backdoor is open - you might want to check on that." I said to him as I walked out, Raul sheepishly behind me.

Fade out to Merry Go Round Broke Down.

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