Thursday, December 21, 2006

Night of the Ghouls.

The emotional cancer has been excised from my life - that despicable wormtongue of Raul. He had poisoned my mind and heart and turned me from the One that I love. Poor Raul came to a sticky end - ran into a brick wall in an alleyway; about five times. Queer put up a good fight, though - kicked like a mule and bit like a crocodile - but he now lays broken in the hospital licking his wounds.
Love has conquered once again. All has been forgiven and the blackness has been cleared away. I am once more with The One I Love above All Else. And it feels good - so damn good.
And I have attained employment to boot. At a national chain convenience store. I will be working graveyard with all the wacky ghouls that permeate the lower downtown district. Should be a hoot. God the things I can and will write about that job as time crawls on.
Life at Vinnies this whirl around is quite pat - no crazies. Sure there's the loony bitch that looks like Phyllis Diller that screams at the lamp post or the quivering crack junky that drools as the elementary school kids walk by - but not like last time. Maybe it's the meds I'm on - perhaps it has taken the edge offa me? Oh well.
Save the money I will. That is my goal - bank it all. Six months from now I will be in Costa Rica. Funny thing is - what the hell am I gonna do when I get there?

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