Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Mad Russian

Everyone - fag and breeder alike - needs a gimmick for some short con lovin'. Take the Mad Russian - cheapest sugar daddy in the Plazita - there he is, toothless old woman face and canceled eyes. The Greek Chorus squeals that this old fart used to troll Plaza Santa Cecilia in search of Rentboy in full regalia of the American Air Force - and he heralding from some Soviet block, mind you - grey cap and hunka plastic pinned to his shriveled and milkless teet.
Was a good con until like so many of the old time queens that haunt the place, was burned so many times he is now a charred bitter old thing. Trick now is he lures some vital and sticky fingered boywhore to his lair and is said sexworker's cock is too short and not up to snuff - the evil old fuck locks the boy penniless in the room and returns with another more suitable to his tastes. But the word is out - Rentboys of the Plaza are hip to this character - your dry goods better be what is promised or you lose to the Mad Russian.
Now like a desperate vampire, this polyester clad phantom shuffles the concrete way, rheumy eyes searching for his next victim.

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