Thursday, April 05, 2007


Came down from my room early bleary eyed mouth sticky and evil tasting to hit that hot shower, know what I mean? There are six rooms for rent in the boarding house I dwell and all share the shower and can - except for one fat fuck and the goofy drunk that is my immediate vecino (I swear the old shit keeps blaring that television at night I'm kickin' his withered ass!) Anyhoo - save for chubby and retard the other rooms are occupied by somewhat handsome fellas all friendly and respectful. But, Arturo stands out - a short very well toned vato that makes my mind move in strange directions.
So I'm clomping down the metal spiral stairs to the shower like I was saying - and there was Arturo standing in front of the sink butt ass naked as a newborn with a white plastic bucket - what was he doing with the bucket - who the fuck cares - the point is he was Au natural. Muscular build, six pack abs, fine ass, and an eyebrow raising cock.
I passed to the toilet, smell of stale liqueur assailed my nostrils, said I, "Que onda, Chanuk?" ("What's up, Tarzan?")
Noticing my presence - obviously oblivious to everything before - he smiled with abstract embarrassment, "Hoy, soy un Party Animal!" ("Today, I am the Party Animal!") In which then he croaked out a wolf's howl.
I stood in the indoor outhouse whipped out my dry goods and took a piss. He heard me chuckle and I said, "Todo es bueno." ("It's all good.")
There was a pause of silence - between him and I - I mean there was the sound of my morning piss, you know, but we were quiet in the moment - long embarrassing silence.
"I'm sorry, guedo." He blurted.
"Es no importa." ("It's not important.") I laughed back.
He babbled something unintelligible that ended with that he was sorry. Sorry for what? Being naked? Being drunk? Being drunk and naked? Again I told him that it was no importa but as I finished draining my bladder I heard the door to his room slam shut. Damn! I was going to tap that shit but just took a shower instead and had another dull day.

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