Thursday, April 19, 2007


Checking my e-mail and was tremored by a correspondence from a sibling. "We should keep in touch." It read. My mental shrug was why? I see no reason for it - I hold no feelings or ties for these people. For years I have roamed and they - The Family - never cared or worried how I toiled and suffered not once offering any assistance in my plight - if anything turning a snobbish nose up on their psychotic faggity brother and/or son.
I do not have hatred for them (except for the Father.) I have what I can only sum up as apathetic nothing. I am not the same person they remember - I have metamorphosed into something else - a cold uncaring corpse with one foot in the grave. I was born alone, I live alone, and I shall die alone - as far as being part of that family unit. I have in my possession very good friends and they are by far more caring and reliable than these gossipy arrogant assholes.
So, the wind up is - I erased the letter without response. I have no wish to contact them - if only they could return the courtesy.

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