Sunday, May 27, 2007

Power Outage.

The fag bar was almost empty. It was that time in the afternoon when everything dragged. Ordered a beer and took a booth to size up the place. Ratty red leather booths, low dark wood ceiling - the long bar had tattered stools and was tended by a hostile looking Chinaman. Four other cabrones littered the joint - I sat motionless, smoking a cigarette, ordered another beer.
Went to the pisser, the head, the looloo and as I did my business a fag sided up to me at the urine trough brandishing his big and nasty. He was one ugly mother fucker - had a nice body - but the face that could sink a thousand ships.
But for the sake of democracy, I accepted his invitation to sit with him and his friend for drinks. His pal wasn´t bad looking. We had animated conversations and the beer flowed in so much I didn´t notice the mickey slipped into my bottle.
I blacked out and do not recall anything from three in the afternoon until midnight when I woke up.
I sat up in my bed - well, Miguel´s bed - I was back in the apartment. What the fuck?, I thought. I look down - I am wearing just a black t-shirt and nothing else. My ass was sore. I looked over to see Miguel lying in the closet eying me with hostility - his face wet with tears. He had thrown down a few blankets and made a makeshift bed. This can´t be good, I thought. I sat on the edge of the bed and gingerly asked what had happened - quite befuddled at this point - and between sobs Miguel let loose a tirade that when he came back from work he found me in bed getting screwed by two ugly guys. There was some yelling some fighting - maybe some bitch slapping - and they left after taking turns on me. Miguel was so distraught, he explained, that he ran to a neighbors house - when he returned, the guys had left and I was zonked out on my stomach, wouldn´t wake up no matter how hard Miguel tried.
Still doesn´t explain why he was hiding in the closet.
Well, after some more sobbing by Miguel - I can´t stand whimpering fags - I got dressed, packed my bag and said adios. When will these fools realise I am not boyfriend material? My life is far too chaotic to hold any type of relationship.
I hailed a taxi into downtown and rented a room in a cheap hotel - Hotel Adelita. I think it is time to leave Mazatlan and continue south...

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Jose said...

You big heartbreaker you.