Monday, May 14, 2007

Time to Hit the Road.

I have squandered this year - living in a state of paranoid numbness. All for the sake of love. A love that has dissolved into hate and loathing - like it always does, anyhow. Well, Dear Reader, you know me - I won´t sit flat on my rusty dusty, nope not me. I stay crunchy in milk!

So, armed with the $3200 I have accumulated I have decided it is time for an adventure and by means I best know how - ROAD TRIP! I will take a vacation - the way I have fantasized for many a moon - I will travel down through Mexico and experience this country I have lived only on the fringes for all these years.

No time limit. No restrictions. No plan. Only the goal to reach Mexico´s southernmost state of Chiapas and then - who knows? Perhaps I will continue south. I hear the Amazon is nice this time of year.

I have received my passport and I will acquire whatever tourist visas I will need - ready or not Mexico - there is a desolation angel coming!

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Jose said...

Be sure to send me a postcard!