Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bitter, Bitter People

Spent the evening at Sonny's Bar with that neanderthal Manny. It was a very calm night drinking and listening to the Cantina Band tootling away in the corner until this bloated drunk drag queen swished in.
Now Manny, much like myself, does not enjoy the company of transvestites - you long time readers will remember that I have knocked flat or set fire to a few in my time. This drunken thing sits all lady like at the bar next to Manny - who is handsome in his own right - and proceeds to paw at my friend. Much to his agitation and to the point he growls, "Fuck off, ugly cunt!".
Well, this bedazzled monster didn't take his cold shoulder in stride and began causing a full on faggotty scene of overly dramatic proportions. She began with the snide remarks that degenerated into out and out insults on Manny's and my person. Enough of this shit - I stood off my stool and smacked him/her across the jaw with a right hook. Then it was on.
Screaming like a wounded banshee, Ms. Thang came at me like a wolverine, clawing and slapping with unbridled fury. I had to admit - the cunt got in some good licks. We did our ballet around the center of the bar swinging fists into each others faces. During the drunken smackdown, Manny grabbed a chair and crashed it across her back - said tranny fell to the floor as Manny continued to viciously smash her face with his boot. Blood began to splatter on the dirty tile as appalled patrons gawked on. The bartender began yelling "Stop! Stop it now! She's had enough!" Then the cops showed up.
Thrown up against a squad car outside as the battered tranny was hoisted into the back of an ambulance - the cops inquired what had started it. We both explained and thank baby jeebus those pigs were homophobic (they thought we were straight and the tranny got what she deserved) and were about to let us go - that was until Manny's outstanding warrants popped up.
So, as I stood there - pain numbed by alcohol - I watched as the squad car peeled off into the humid darkness with a forlorn and pensive Manny cuffed in the back seat.
I just stumbled home - after being told that I was barred permanently from the bar - and made plans to visit Manny in the Detention Center downtown tomorrow.
Ha! Ha! Ha! Just learned my FaceBook account has been disabled for unknown reasons. If it was some vindictive person - I am flattered that they went out of the way to do this. But, much like their lives - they have failed. Either it will be re-instated or I will create a new one. All my close contacts I kept their email accounts - so, their attempt has fallen flat.
See ya soon back on FaceBook!


Mind Of Mine said...

I enjoyed your post until the last paragraph!

It was real and unapologetic but the last paragraph seems like you are trying to convince youself instead of someone else.

Luis Blasini said...

On the contrary - I meant every word. From past blog readers to family members, they have continued to troll my blog and other pages, trying to disrupt and censor instead of just moving on. My email is planely listed - if only they would opinionate with me face to face, so to speak,their objections, instead of petty anonymous acts, they wouldn't be forced to 'sink to my level'. Sad really.