Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Maudlin living.

I tell ya, living this sedate life has it's disappointments. Take my blog, for instance. I have been concentrating so much on my novels, that I really have been ignoring it. I think it has run it's course. I really have nothing to write or report anymore since I really don't do anything. What do you want to read? How I am buying new furniture for my flat? Setting up the film co-op at the Cafe every Wednesday? Lounging around in my place watching TV? Nope - my life has settled down monumentally and you know what - I am happy.
I knew I had changed when I walked over to Juarez a few days a go to buy three packs of Luckies (They had stopped making them here in the States, so I must get them on the black market) and after I had gotten them, I fancied the notion to rent in my old building. Man, my outlook on my life and mind have changed. I stood looking at the crumbling building - a place for years that i saw as exciting, romantic, and adventurous. What a smelly, filthy dump. Though the landlady had a apartment to let and I said I would take it - on the walk back home I told myself a resounding hell no.
Yes, I think the days of wandering and subterranean living is over in my life. I realize, you judgemental ass, I had said that before - but, this time I believe it is for real. I just don't want it, anymore. The thrill has dried up.
I had contemplated shutting this blog down - but, no. I think in the coming months, I shall be blogging of my attempts to size up and infiltrate the gay and artistic lifestyle here in El Paso.
So, sorry - at the moment it's all going to be mundane from here. But, you know my life - it can change at the drop of a hat...

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katehopeeden said...

Whether it is shady Mexico or slightly less shady El Paso, I'll still be reading my friend :-)