Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pinche Puta.

I have been re-editing Puta. What a headache. It is driving me crazy! Crazier. Let me explain a bit about that novel. It was originally a chapter from my first attempt at writing a novel. Basically the book was a watered down version of this blog and a vain attempt to produce a travel story arc thing. Seriously, squishing a decade into 300 pages was a headache. Well, eventually the character winds up in Mexico during a very long chapter entitled Juarez City Blues. It slowed the story down - while the rest of the book was about traveling, this show stopper was about a fractured romance. So, before I sent the MS in for publication, I edited the entire chapter out. Flash forward to after Tweeker was published. The company was badgering me for another book, so I pulled out Juarez City Blues and re-titled it Puta. I never thought it would sell...but it is.
So, I am streamlining it to make it more readable in a professionally written sense. Names are being changed, some chapters are being swapped around. There are entire paragraphs that i used in Tweeker, so those will have to be re-written. It's a mess. But, the story is interesting enough to keep.
And, so it goes...

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