Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Fractured Voices

My two weeks south of the border have been relatively a tranquil one. After paying rent, deposit, and purchasing a new bed along with basic needs, I find that I am low on cash this month. So, I have been collating entries from this blog for the re-publication of Borrowed Flesh. Instead of a strict chronology of entries as before, through using and manipulation of entries, the book will be told through both first and third party characters. I have spent the last three days scribbling notes on characters and situations. It will focus on homosexuality, sex, drugs, mental illness, forced prescribed meds, and the dumbing of a population through a police state under the mask of a fight on terrorism.
Example: In the first chapter title Tijuana Bebop, the story closely follows the first entries of the blog during my stay in Tijuana. It will be both a travelogue and a short romance with Saul. However, it will also deal with the evil expat queens and their paranoia of living in such a state. They use magic and telepathy to thwart others from their prey and unleash a made up character called El Puta - a diseased, alien looking faggot monster who sexually attacks and kills any other expat who becomes too popular with the other rentboys. 
The second chapter Even Cockjunkies Get The Blues deals with a third person character named John Poston who is an agent for a Dr. Pap whose job is to travel to different locals and liquidate defective agents. The deal is, the reader will not know if it is all real, simply fiction, or a psychosis of the characters schizophrenic persona.
I have sketched out the rest of the book. It will, I trust, be an interesting read of depression, hollow romance, paranoia, love, and hope.
I like the way the novel - though in its larval state - is coming about and forming. I realize, because of its subject matter in this highly over sensitized and politically correct culture, it will offend and disgust many, if any, readers - but, I want to read this. I want to write this. This is a book I am dedicating only to myself.
I hope someone else likes it. That - to be simply read - is satisfaction for me.

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