Sunday, June 08, 2014

The Battle.

This morning, I took a stand against the full-scale incursion of the dust bunny horde. For too long, I stood idly by as they amassed their forces along the outskirts of my room. For too long, I shrugged and ignored their ever-encroaching encampments.
But no longer.
I grabbed my ancient weapon of suction and rose up against my grimy foe. I laid waste to their fortifications and battlements. Their cries of anguish were lost to my weapon’s whine until, at long last, I looked out over a dust-free expanse and breathed in the clean air.
The surfaces of my room show no evidence of this morning’s carnage and though there were some allied casualties, the day was ours. We will remember the fallen and drink toasts in their honor. It was a hard-fought battle and the war will wage on long after the sweet taste of today’s victory fades.
I will be ready.

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