Wednesday, October 07, 2015

candy colored memories 4.0

I was fifteen when I first had sex with another boy. He was a school friend and often we'd hike together along the creek on the weekends. I’d seen him in the shower at school and I knew I liked his body. I had a crush on. He was also one of the few boys I was friends with, one of the few who didn’t shun me on account I wasn’t athletic.
One weekend we were sitting under a cottonwood, watching the muddy creek go by and smoking and we got to horsing around and wrestling, as usual, and soon enough I had him pinned down by sitting on his chest. My crotch was just above his face and he made some goofy remark about what’s that lump in there? I bet mine is bigger than yours. I flipped out my cock and he grabbed at it pretending to yank it off, or something to that effect, and it became instantly erect. More seriously, he squeezed and pumped it and suddenly it was in his mouth. My hips thrust as that hot, wet sensation filled my reeling brain. Within seconds my cum filled his mouth.
Laughing he spit it out and pushed me off him. I noticed afterwards, at home, my penis had dried mud on it from when I’d rolled off him and dragged it in the dirt. He stated it was his turn and pulled his jeans down to his knees and pushed his cock into my mouth.
For weeks afterwards we’d return to the creek hidden among some secret place in the dense foliage and immediately begin sucking cock. No pretense of wrestling anymore. We went skinny dipping in the creek even though we’d been told all our lives to stay out of it in lieu of snakes. We’d be soaked and begin wrestling, rolling in the silt, laughing and attempting to hold each other down, then back into the water to get clean. Then back to our blanket in the hot sun where we’d do everything to our bodies we could think of until we were exhausted and sweaty. Afterwards, we’d clean off in the creek and sit naked in the shade, smoking and talking about other boys at school we’d like to suck off.
It only lasted that one short summer.


Anonymous said...

I had a similar experience but mine lasted until just after high school graduation when the guy enlisted in the Marines.

LMB said...

Thank you for the comment. Indeed, I believe it is a common occurance in early stages of ones gay life.