Thursday, March 31, 2016

word to the wise guy

I began, as a defecation of my mental state years ago, this blog online as a literary experiment – a personal confession I was certain no one would read. How could anyone understand or justify what I what doing? I sure as hell couldn’t.
   Unfortunately - or fortunately - depending on how your snooty ass perceived it, to my dismay anonymous people began reading this excrement of literary soul cleansing. A multitude of forlorn and fascinated curious seekers the globe over sat snug and comfortable reading my work and thanking little baby Jesus their lives were not so bad as what vomited out from my blog on almost a daily basis.
   Fact: Strange and fairly unpredictable phenomena will occur when you leave your conventional suburban existence, quit your job and walk out the door; never to look back.
   I sat in my borrowed flesh and typed away anonymously all the degraded horrors I put myself through - because back then, I held a morbid and perpetual death wish and was not preoccupied by guilt or hesitancy of my choices. Evidently, my prompt demise never came to pass. Traveling the hemisphere by the seat of my pants - the eccentric and perverse of the world sought me out and I was enlightened enough never to disregard its numerous offerings.
   I must admit I had committed exploits which would cause Caligula to scream like a bitch and flee in terror – nevertheless, I harbor no regrets. I am who I am. I answer to no one. Shunned by elitist friends, excised by members of my family - I continued and I will continue - just for jolly...

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