Saturday, September 30, 2017

city of dreams

I will be the first to admit, I need to take my own advice. The same common sense bullshit I dole out on a daily basis to a series of nameless and mislead assholes who I casually come in contact with. No matter how much the chips are down, no matter how my back is against the wall, no matter how vague that dull light at the end of the tired and over-used tunnel is, I must go on. I want to go on. My life, this torment of crazy destruction and crippling depression, is too unique to snuff out like a flickering candle light with a nonchalant pinch. I am here on this planet for a reason. What that reason is eludes me and hell, I may never find out the answer to that until the end of my days, but I will live. Not simply exist, but live.
An unforeseen and fruitful event transpired which renewed my hope in humanity, in that this struggle is worth enduring and the outcome, whatever events transpire, will always be both beautiful and strange.
And so it goes, quoth Kurt Vonnegut. I will continue to do that which makes me happy...not for the judgmental acceptance of the system, not my colleagues, not my family nor friends, but me and me alone.
And so...let me pull myself out of this filth and self loathing I have entrapped myself in and continue. Buy the ticket, take the ride. And, of course, Dear Reader, you are always welcome to come along...

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