Wednesday, September 27, 2017

right foot finally popped

The days drag. I am told I need to get vaccinated for Hepatitis A. It seems I had fallen in to town smack-dab during a goddamn fucking epidemic outbreak. Will definitely get vaccinated. Need my liver for booze.
As I took a shower at Vinnie’s, I sat on the locker room bench, wood worn smooth by the asses of a thousand hobos, and removed my dingy sock to witness my feet digressed into such dire shape. Swollen with obscenely bloated boils and sores. I do admit, I am falling apart.
More of the long, cold nights. Who would had guessed it would be this cold during this time of year?
During the early morning, after coffee and sweet rolls handed out free and gratis at the Neal Goode Center, I trudged to the marina to take a much needed nap. I was abruptly awoken by a huge, slobbering - albeit happy - mongrel licking my face and sniffing through my gear. I guess I could had worst ways of being woken.
The major puss-filled boil on my right foot finally popped. With fresh water and a big Band-Aid I procured from the Free Clinic (I inquired on help for my foot the day prior, but they were closing. The nurse gave me sanitary wipes and bandages) I put on fresh socks and hoped nothing gets infected. Definitely must keep an eye on it.
It's not like food is a problem. At least five times a day, some random charity is dishing out huge and well prepared meals to anyone who is in need. No wonder most of the homeless are wobbling around fat as hogs. Ha ha.
Last night, I was so cold and the tweeker traffic so heavy in the park, sleep was intermittent at best. Around four in the morning, I made my way downtown from Balboa Park, just to get warm from the walk. I really had to crap and knew full well no swanky hotel downtown would permit me to use the lobby restroom, especially in my current state of hygiene. However, after being blocked by five snobbish front desk clerks in five different hotels, I finally met a kind soul working at the Omni Hotel. Not only did I get to relieve my near bursting bowels, but was offered a cup of coffee to boot. What a luxury. Now only if I had a cigarette to compliment the occasion.

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