Sunday, December 17, 2017

blast of silence

I was so fucked up in the head today. No money. No nothing. Gabriel came over with some Valium tablets. He told me over two Sol beers if I sucked his cock he'd give me the tablets. Why not?, I mumbled lighting up a Lucky Strike. His penis was long and skinny like him, and him. However it smelled like rotten shit and garbage and tasted even worse. And yet, I did it just the same. Such a fucking cockjunkie.
Desperate skeleton grin of chronic junk lack glazed over with codeine and goofballs... cigarette holes in his stains on the floor...rusty orange flame...Wanna hit?
Nah. No more for me, Gabriel...
His head slumped to one side and his tongue fell out. The pesos dropped from his hand, one after the other, and lay crumpled on the red tile floor. A gust of chilled wind blew dirty pink curtains into the room.
Washing the acrid taste out of my mouth with beer, I sat there downing the tablets, staring at Gabriel nodding off and thanking God in his wisdom I will not return there. Eyes flicker up his bony arms trace long bluish trails of addiction.
I do believe it is time to make tracks for other parts of the world.


Unknown said...

I love reading your blogs. I must confess that I was afraid of going down to Tj because of all the things that happen down there. I ended up going and I loved it, so much so that I go there very frequently. I have to remind myself time and time again that what I do in Tj is not real, its just a dream. I love the fact that you can have a lot of guys do anything you want for close to nothing. Then I feel sad to know that I have to do it.
I hope I get a chance to buy you a beer when I go back there at the beginning of next year.

LMB said...

Haha! Thank you for the comment. Indeed, Tijuana is a dream. A fractured dream at best. I do have to confess, visiting here and living here are two sides of a coin. As of any locale. When you are a tourist, everything is rushed and the nuances are missed. A lot of guys? Heh is two or three, though they keep changing - as in any dream scenario. Yes, it is cheap down here, but you pay and pay and pay...and that adds up...