Saturday, December 02, 2017

Writer. Homosexual. Junkie. Murderer.
In 1951, during a party one evening in Mexico City, writer William S. Burroughs drunkenly convinced his wife Joan Vollmer into standing against a wall with a shot glass on her head while he fired a gun at her.
Blew The Shot weaves up to this appalling incident, drifting back and forth in time, examining the reasons and keystones behind Burroughs' murder of Vollmer, creating a story part biography, part horror tale, and part touchingly emotional psycho-drama.
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NWalker said...

I ordered Tijuana Bebop from Amazon. It will be interesting to compare with the Tijuana I have been drawn toward over the years.

LMB said...

Thank you and I hope you enjoy the read. TIJUANA BEBOP is a surreal take on my earlier days in Tijuana and is written as such. The novella deals more on mental problems than straightforward narrative. It is extremely personal on an emotional and mental level...