Thursday, June 01, 2006

Karma Kandy.

I thought he did it just to despise me. But when I returned to work Tuesday morning from the three day holiday, Brian Wynn left early from the mission to go 'looking for work'. I later found out that he was transported to the far east side of El Paso with an ex-con named Christopher Wade and that area of town was well known and very notorious for meth addiction, consumption and sales. Wicked indeed.
And so he fell. Gone two days only to return dirty and spun, begging to be let back into the mission but only to be banished for ninety days without services from the caseworkers. Can't even come to eat...has to live on the streets like a dog or bum from friend to friend, if any are willing to put him up. I felt so cold inside because I am the one who had to type up his report into the computers data base.
To alleviate things I became friends with this little piece of eye candy from Florida named Steve Strunk. What a name. But cute as an eighteen year old white boy can get. Fair skin, steel blue eyes, brown hair, and a gosh-n-golly personality that melts you right there. Well, being a sucker for a soul in need, I orbited his planet of woe because I cared that he needed to get to Florida and fast - but as it got down to brass and taxes, can't help ya kid, got my own problems.
So, depressed on the Bryan thing, I went home and wrote more on my screenplay, writing being the therapeutic thing it is for my psychosis, though I thought of this Steve kid. Like a dirty old man. If I was only twenty years younger...even though would help the kid like a little brother. He's been used enough. Maybe it's time to take on an heir...
What a sappy old softy I have become.

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Hermes said...

20 years younger? Dirty old man? Taking on an HEIR?

C'mon, you're not that old. Reading this makes me feel like fucking Rip Van Winkle, out-of-touch, long white beard and all.