Friday, June 23, 2006

And so it goes.

"Crazy am I? I'll show you who the one is crazy."
---Henry Frankenstien
Through lies and manipulations of the Ugly Spirit, my life is in turmoil once again. Someone that I loved and trusted has shown me how corrupt and false she really is. Her excuse was my 'strange behavior' lately. The woman never bothered to stop and ask what the problem was, the physical illness that I had contracted and am keeping a secret --- She has believed a lie - how I hate her now. My heart is so heavy---so black. I have decided that I am to leave this God forsaken desert. I have always hated it here. Why kid myself...I do not belong here - never have. These people are complete idiots. In the following week will sell all my possessions and move out. But where shall I spend these withering days?
San Diego? Yes. I have always been happiest there.
Even though, at times like these...death seems like a nice answer, too.


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Jose said...

People suck.
So move, sell your things, something awesome probably awaits you!