Saturday, June 30, 2007

A night out with the friends. How nice.
Actually it was a great time. After the restaurant closed - the cafe that I frequent - there is also a connecting bar. So, I invited my pals Felipe, Victor, and Monica for drinks. Let me explain about Demetrio. Hot - hot eye candy. Speaks perfect English, was deported from Las Vegas a month ago. He invited himself - but him being so incredibly good looking - how can I say no? Also, from the States, Sarah made a visit. We all sat and drank and talked until Felipe had the smart idea of taking the party to Monica's apartment. Piled into a taxi and took off up into the surrounding hills that circle Tijuana.
There we all got plastered. Demetrio was stunned at first when I came out to him that I was gay - but he was cool with it. At first. He and Sarah hit it off well and was all over each other - Demetrio even threw a tirade when Sarah took off to buy cigarettes with a cute neighbor. She later confided in me that her and the mystery guy made out - I don't blame her, he was very attractive.
The night progressed and everyone was well lit. One by one, Victor and Felipe and others left because they had to work early the following morning. So, Sarah and I slept on Monica's big couch and Demetrio got the floor. But as soon as the lights went out - I look over and Demetrio is riding Sarah - his nice naked ass bouncing up and down stroking into a squealing Sarah. It was only for a moment though, they were paranoid that Monica would barge in.
Demetrio is one of those types - and oh, God there are so many in our fair land - that even though he is amazingly attractive; more and more he opens his mouth to speak the uglier he got. The type that never says the right things, you know? Thinks the world revolves around them and is basically a conniving bastard - all while using his looks to get his way. He pops up and starts announcing quite loudly that Sarah and I should go to his house and smoke some weed. We drunkenly said yes and saying goodbye to Monica, stumbled down the hill and caught the first of several taxis - because this boy lived far!
Once out on the fringes of southern Tijuana, more wackiness as Demetrio tried to hail a cab to take us up this big mountain to his house. One wanted ten dollars each - but we finally got a taxi libre for thirty pesos. More and more the obnoxious narcissistic attitude of this boy was annoying me - but we eventually got to his tiny apartment. Concrete floor, old rickety furniture, army cot for a bed. I guess I am getting the floor tonight.
Well, much giggling ensued as we toked the weed from his pipe, but I was tired and Sarah was horny for Demetrio, so we called it a night. I thought I would have to lay there and listened to their screwing - but as soon as the lights were out, Demetrio conked out. I heard Sarah whispering for him to get up and 'fuck me', but studboy couldn't hang and slept all night.
A cold morning rolls around and at 7am, both Sarah and I want to split, but Demetrio decides to lay in bed another hour making bad jokes. When he eventually does get up - to our shock, he leads us down this mountain on foot down trails weaving through burnt garbage and dust pits. Reaching the bottom, we pile into a cab to centro. Say goodbye to Sarah and she jets to the border. Then Demetrio decides that he wants to come to my place and take a shower before his work started at 10am. Fine. I had to endure more of this obnoxious character. After he showered, we walked over to his work with the boy making crude homosexual remarks. Egad - will he shut up awready?!! At the cafe - had some menudo and coffee and for the last straw, Demetrio wanted me to buy him breakfast, but was really just going to take the money - for he wanted to eat after I left - and buy more weed. Fuck this character!, I thought. I paid for my meal and went home to sleep.
Sometimes, no matter how hot a straight guy is - they are all really pathetic self absorbed lonely losers.

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