Friday, December 23, 2011

Hoe Hoe Hoe

The neighborhood mooch - he being my far too handsome young friend named Squirt - just left my apartment...well, with a little less of Yuletide cheer.
He had the downright audacity to appear at my door and to request no less than $120 to purchase a Christmas gift for his high maintenance girlfriend. He would borrow it, he said. Paying it back, later.
"You don't work." I stated. "I'll never see it, again."
After fifteen minutes of his whining and pleading we came to an 'agreement'. He must really love that girl of his. He walked out with money in hand a look of embarrassed anger on his face. Happy Holidays, Squirt, hope your girlfriend's mother doesn't ask why you can't sit comfortably during Christmas dinner.


Mind Of Mine said...

Ha! Seriously?

The you paid for a Christmas gift for the girlfriend of the guy you are fucking?

Merry Christmas.

LMB said...

For the record, up until yesterday neither had I ever fucked him, but he had never been fucked. (See post a few down titled "Squirt".)

He'll think twice coming over again bumming money, again.

And, Merry Christmas! :D