Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Drunk Stumble Love?

I was drunk. I knew. I could feel how the walls I had self-imposed on myself were growing thinner. Then again, I was not as drunk as I seemed to.
He smiled to himself. In a way, he had me just like he had wanted. But the truth was that in all his plotting he hadn’t count on him drinking as much as he had. So he was drunk too. On the other hand, he was faking to be more sober than he was.
So there we were, walking the distance between that place and his car. I asked him for his arm as I mumbled something about my balance and he wondered if that was a good idea. He was more prone to losing his balance than myself so in the even that he’d fall; he’d take me with him. Still, he kept his “normal mode” on and managed to walk as straight as he could, reveling in the strong grip I held over him.
Suddenly, a legitimate tumble from my drunk ass were indeed a complicated thing to manage as I walked over the stony surface of the street - made my body turn completely to him and his protective self-grabbed me by the arms with all his might. As it turned out, once the fall threat was over, his arms were completely around me and it only took a change of concepts to go from keeping me from falling to him hugging me.
We both felt something for the other. We were just too scared and too shy to admit it, but now that we were so close and the red wine that pumped through our veins not only clouded our self-consciousness but became the perfect alibi for us to show our true feelings, it only took a moment and locking our eyes to forget everything and kiss.
Our relationship might still be awkward in the morning and we may not know how to address what had happened the night before but for now, it just didn’t matter. We were where we had so longed to be, in each other’s arms. We were doing what they had so dreamt of doing, dwelling in the awesome feeling of kissing and finally giving into all we felt for each other.
That night we were not as drunk as we claimed to be but we were as in love as we could ever be.

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