Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Theater of Noise

Too much is too much
In the Theater of Noise
Blue dog barks at the night sky
How much is the cries
How wet is the wet
Girlfriend, where's boy?
Total cries of lust
Why hogs of beauty come?
The back story of my place
The Theater of Noise
Interesting, but true
The Theater of Noise
Belongs to the people!
For the people!
By the people!
By the people
How do you know?
By rotting governments?
By stupid politicians?
By rancid presidents?
Behold my Word Hoard!
Sky red, Blue night. Why?
Why? Why? Why?
Perhaps the answer is in you?
missed the cumshot
Blew the shot, blew the shot
Blew the shot

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