Friday, February 13, 2015

dead fingers talk

I have to admit, I harbored trepidations concerning the success of the novel borrowed flesh. The work attained extremely personal subject matters pertaining to my experiences with drugs, mental health, and homelessness all wrapped in the horrors of living abroad in sordid locales. It was written in an extremely experimental style and I honestly thought it would be an utter failure like hobosexual. However, I am glad to announce that since its publication a month prior, sales are steady and picking up through word of mouth alone. Tweeker continues to be my best seller, but borrowed flesh is a more surreal work in the vein of naked lunch and even though I receive complementing emails from readers it was only this morning I noticed its first review. A positive one at that. The review is quoted below. Made my day, I tell ya.

In “Borrowed Flesh”, Luis Blasini takes us with him on a very personal and dark journey. He unveils more life experiences in this one novel than most people will see in a lifetime. I appreciate and applaud Blasini for his candor. It makes for really amazing reading. “Borrowed flesh” is both humorous and dangerous. Blasini is irreverent and unapologetic. His behavior throughout is both exercises in self-loathing and self-discovery. At times his inner dialogue can be poetic and almost psychedelic. Blasini brazenly introduces us to a world of grit and grime that I bet most of will never experience, but maybe secretly would like to. The people we meet along the way are broken, fascinating and more importantly real. Without pretense Blasini and his band of misfits are entertaining and at times very insightful. In a world full of boring pop culture and bad fiction “Borrowed Flesh”, totally nonfiction, is a breath of literary fresh air. Through his eyes you can taste and smell the energy and despair. Having read most all of his works, this is his crown jewel so far.

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