Tuesday, February 10, 2015

salty coffee

Something felt amiss. My mind was still half asleep, however I knew something was off. Groaning, I roll over in the large, unfamiliar bed which reeked a lot like boy - not in a depraved way, but in the cologne/hair gel/body wash kind of way. It felt comfortable, though, and I had enjoyed one of the best sleeps of my life. I also enjoyed one of the best nights of my life. I felt my cheeks heat up at the thought of the evening before, desperate hands and desperate lips and desperate moans. Roman and I had been friends for a while and finally decided to have sex, and it was one of our best decisions.
My eyes snapped open, though, when I realize what was wrong: Roman. I turned to the other side of the bed, revealing an empty pillow and empty sheets. My heart picked up speed as I worried where Roman could have gone. He wasn’t an early riser, and I expected to wake up plenty of time before him. Just then, the bedroom door opened, Roman’s form appearing in the doorway.
“Hey babe,” he whispered with a crooked smile, crawling back into bed.
I smiled back, relaxing against your pillow.
“Hey,” I said, placing a hand on his cheek as he leaned down to kiss me. “Where were you?” I asked, snuggling into his side as he got comfortable next to me.
“Shower,” he said through a yawn, kissing me on the forehead. “So, about last night…” he ventured, raising coy eyebrows at me. I chuckled, nonchalantly slapping his chest. “You have great boobs,” he continued. This made me laugh harder, burying my face in his soft shirt.
“Shut up, Roman,” I laughed, blushing more.
He chuckled, both of us lying in silence for a few minutes. “Actually,” he continued, his voice softer, “last night was great. I...I’ve never felt that good before.”
I glanced up at him who now was the one blushing.
“I really liked it, too,” I whispered gazing into his grinning face. A great morning to shadow a great night.

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